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The main cities of Bolivia are connected by land, one can travel by bus from La Paz to all the other cities.

For international air connections, Bolivia has three international airports located in the cities of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba; in addition, Sucre has an airport for national airline service where one can get from La Paz and Santa Cruz in about 45 minutes and from Cochabamba in 15 minutes.


The Diablada is a dance that originally comes from the Department of Oruro and is a material representation with a deep religious inspiration that begins with the discovery of the miraculous image of the Virgin Candelaria in the shelter of a famous thief called NINA NINA, probably in the 18th Century, when the Oruro miners decided to declare said Virgin as Patron Saint of the workers and to dance disguised as devils precisely to avoid provoking the anger of the mine’s "TIO" (Uncle).

This mestizo dance is also dramatized as a “Catholic Story”. It is a story of devils, enclosing a mystic plot supported by traditional belief, the eternal struggle between good and evil, a fight to the death between the devil’s legion and Archangel Michael, who bestowed peace on everyone with kindness and beauty. Once defeated, the devils stopped their fighting and there was Peace on the Earth, stamping out discord, evil and rage.

It starts with a dialogue between two powerful Angels, one represents harmony (Michael) and the other represents discontent and bitterness (Lucifer). The meeting takes place right on the limit of Hell, and then the Diablada bursts in warlike attitude. At the call of Archangel Michael, heavenly legions arrive and the first battle starts, which is won by the devils, who invade the Earth to exterminate Christianity; then the second battle takes place and the mortals are awaiting frightened for the outcome.

When the battle is over, the devils are defeated and they must suffer the shame of confessing their sins, "The Seven Deadly Sins", to the Holy Light.

As described above, the Diablada is the devil’s dance that was created by the miners and which represents the pagan-religious symbiosis of respect to the “Uncle” or Devil (lord of the tunnels and shafts) and devotion to the Virgin Candelaria, Patron Saint of the Miners. Its choreography represents the struggle between good and evil and the defeat of the seven deadly sins.

This dance is performed in all the artistic and folk expressions of Bolivia and particularly in Oruro during the Carnival time.


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