Freddy Ehlers resigns from the CAN General Secretariat

Lima, April 20, 2010. The Secretary General of the Andean Community, Freddy Ehlers, submitted his resignation from the position he has occupied for the last three years and three months.  He officially tendered his resignation to the Presidents, Foreign Ministers and Plenipotentiary Representatives on the Andean Community Commission and it will become effective this coming Friday, May 7.

He has spent his years in office fulfilling the mandate handed down by the Presidents at the Tarija Summit of 2007, of working to deepen integral integration by promoting the balanced development of the social, cultural, political, environmental and trade aspects.  He has worked with special dedication to include in the regional agenda items like the Environment, Climate Change, Citizen Participation and Social Inclusion, particularly of the indigenous peoples.

Freddy Ehlers was elected Secretary General of the Andean Community on January 18, 2007, at the order of the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in enlarged session with the representatives of the Andean Community Commission, through Decision 662. It was reported that the Secretary General will return to his country of birth to continue his mission of service.