The Andean Community's Integration and Border Development Policy was approved in May 1999 through the adoption of Decision 459, as an essential component for the strengthening and consolidation of the subregional and regional integration process.

The Andean countries made an important advance in this area in 2001 when they adopted Decision 501, which established the Community framework for the creation of the Border Integration Zones (BIZs), and Decision 502, which contains the general standards for the establishment, operation, and application of integrated controls at Binational Border Service Centers (BBSC).
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Border Integration Zones (BIZs) are territorial areas located on the borders of adjacent Andean Community Member Countries, in which policies will be adopted and plans, programs, and projects will be executed jointly and coordinatedly to boost their development. 
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A BBSC is "the set of facilities that is situated in a sector of the territory of a Member Country or of two neighboring Member Countries adjacent to a border crossing."

 This includes access routes, and the structures, equipment, ano furnishings that are necessary to provide integrated control services for the flow of persons, baggage, goods, and vehicles. It is there that complementary facilitation and other user services are provided.
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Pronouncement of the governors of the Department of Northern Santander, Republic of Colombia, and of Táchira State, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on the proposal to Define and Delimit a Border Integration Zone between the two countries, prepared by the three universities in the Colombian-Venezuelan border region
San Cristóbal, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, April 14, 2005
Speech by Ambassador Allan Wagner, Andean Community Secretary General on "border integration and territorial competitiveness in the Andean Community”
San Cristóbal, Venezuela, April 14, 2005
The concept of borders in the context of andean integration and its future development
Dr. Luis Alberto Oliveros, Coordinator, Andean Community Border Integration and Development Projects Bank
February 2002