The Andean Environmental Agenda contains both short- and medium-term subregional actions that add value to national efforts and help strengthen the capacities of the Member Countries with regard to environmental and sustainable development issues. The first section presents the key thematic and transversal areas and the second, the topics proposed by one or several countries. Its aim is to guide the actions of both the Council of Ministers of the Environment and Sustainable Development and the Andean Council of Environmental Authorities and, thereby, to facilitate the work of the CAN Member Countries on that subject.

The Andean Environmental Agenda for 2006-2010 provides for the formulation and organization of the Andean Strategy on Climate Change - EACC and its corresponding Action Plan, so that they can serve as a basis for subregional coordination on the priority themes of the countries and of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. Also envisaged are the creation of capacities to evaluate the effects of climate change on regional priority sectors/themes and the coordination of joint positions in international forums for negotiation on matters of Climate Change and the strengthening of the participation of national delegates.
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The Regional Biodiversity Strategy for the Tropical Andean Countries is one of the first efforts of the subregion to develop an integrated platform for community action, promoting cooperation among the Member Countries and projecting them towards the rest of the international community with a new identity, own and unique. It is also one of the first strategies of a community nature adopted on this topic by a group of countries signatories of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and it is a specific contribution to meeting the goals of the Convention. At the same time, it is a valuable instrument for enhancing the Andean peoples’ own perception of the importance of their rich natural heritage, and a fundamental one for ensuring the sustainability of the Amazon Basin as a whole. It is also a tool of great significance for constructing new kinds of relationships among countries, regions, and continents.
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Fostering integrated management of water resources in the subregion and promoting more access by the population to water and sanitation services are actions that are provided for in the Andean Environmental Agenda. It also envisages actions aimed at producing a purposeful and inclusive dialogue about the environmental aspects of investments in water-related services in the subregion and at formulating a Strategy that considers guidelines and policies on integrated management of water resources and water and sanitation.
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The Andean countries have accumulated experience in intraCommunity disaster prevention and relief efforts in recent years. As a result, several decisions have been adopted on this subject within the framework of the Andean Integration System, giving them a record of development in this area. Today, action is being taken on three fronts: the Andean Committee for Disaster Prevention and Relief (CAPRADE), the Andean Strategy for Disaster Prevention and Relief, and the Support Project for Disaster Prevention in the CAN (PREDECAN).
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2006 - 2010
Glaciers and Climate Change in the Andean Community
An overview of Climate Change in the ANdean Community
The Andean Community´s Top Climate Change Priorities
Gastronomy and Biodiversity: Aromas and Flavors from the Andes an the Amazon
Forestry CDM Potential in the Andean Community
Regional Biodiversity Strategy Andean Environmental Agenda
2006 - 2010

Elementos para la protección sui generis de los conocimientos tradicionales colectivos e integrales desde la perspectiva indígena Biocomercio en la subregión andina. Oportunidades para el desarrollo
Andean GEO 2003: Perspectives for the Environment Lineamientos Técnicos. Apoyo a la negociación internacional de los países miembros de la Comunidad Andina en materia de acceso a recursos genéticos y conocimientos tradicionales
Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Finland and the Andean Community on the Installation Phase of the co-operation in the Biodiversity Regional Program in CAN Member Countries Andean-Amazon Regions (BIOCAN)
June 18, 2007
Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the General Secretariat of the Andean Community (SGCA) and Earth Council Geneva (ECG)
December, 2005
Paracas Declaration
First Meeting of the Andean Community Council of Ministers of the Environment and Sustainable Development
Paracas, Peru, March 31 and April 1, 2005
Joint Communiqué of the Environmental Authorities of the Andean Community Countries on the entry into effect of the Kyoto Protocol
Lima, February 16, 2005
Memorandum of Understanding between Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization and the General Secretary of the Andean Community
September 2004
Cusco Declaration on Access to Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights of Like-minded Megadiverse Countries
Cusco, November 29, 2002
Conclusions and Recommendations - Group of Action of Like-minded Megadiverse Countries
Access to Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights

November 27 and 28, 2002
Statement of the Andean Environmental Authorities
Quito, July 3, 2001
Declaration by the Andean Committee of Environmental Authorities (CAAAM)
Lima, September 6, 2000

Ecuador to host international meeting on climate change
Ecuador, Aug.13, 2007
CAN and Finland sign agreement to launch BIOCAN Program in the Andean-Amazon region
Lima, June 19, 2007
Andean environmental authorities propose that CAN
assume the region’s leadership in climate change

Lima, June 4, 2007
CAN and World Conservation Union collaborate on environmental issues
Lima, June 4, 2007
During visit by Freddy Ehlers to Madrid
Spain ratifies support for CAN and announces
increase in resources for environmental matters

Lima, May 9, 2007
Environmental action plan for the CAN presented in Spain
Lima, July 5, 2006
Andean countries hail entry into effect of Kyoto Protocol
Lima, February 16, 2005
CAN and OTCA General Secretariats join efforts
to promote sustainable development in Amazon region

Lima, September 29, 2004
General Secretariat of CAN applauds joint actions to block biopiratery and avoid the consequences of global warming
Lima, June 11, 200
Andean countries to lay the groundwork for a regional strategy on biosecurity
Lima, January 19, 2001
Environmental authorities rule out use of Fusarium oxysporum fungus in Andean Community countries
Lima, September 7, 2000
Decision 596: Creation of the Andean Community’s Council of Environmental and Sustainable Development Ministers
Decision 523: Regional Biodiversity Strategy for the Tropical Andean Countries
Decision 436 Registration and Control of Chemical Insecticides for Agricultural Use (1998) (Only in Spanish)
Decision 435 Creation of the Andean Committee of Environmental Authorities (1998) (Only in Spanish)
Decision 391 Common Regimes on Access to Genetic Resources (1996)
Decision 345 Common Regime for the Protection of the Rights of Obtentors of new Plant Varieties (1993)
Decision 182 "José Celestino Mutis" Andean System on Agriculture, Food Security, and Environmental Conservation (1983) (Only in Spanish)