Climate change is today one of the most important threats for the human kind, and one of the main ecological, social and economic problems of our planet. Livelihoods, and even the survival or communities will be threat in many places around the world and specially Andean and Latin-American countries. For this reason, it is urgent to take measures to face risks and adapt ourselves to the climate changes effects .

CLIMA LATINO is an event organized by the Secretariat of the Andean Community and the Municipalities of Quito and Guayaquil will be an important discussion forum that will bring together the foremost world experts and government representatives, local actors and the interested public, representatives of civil society and delegates from governments, municipalities, the major institutions, universities and NGOs. The event will be hold from 15 to 16 October in Guayaquil and 17 to 18 October in Quito.

The objective of CLIMA LATINO is to discuss on and warn about the imminent dangers of climate change and particularly its effects on the Andean countries, Latin America and the Caribbean and, at the same time, to put forward proposals for confronting the problem.

CLIMA LATINO will address all matters concerning climate change such as political, environmental, social, economic, cultural and spiritual issues. The forum keynote presentations about a variety of subjects and workshops for the discussion on a variety of topics: the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, coastal management proposals, the carbon market, responsible enterprises, eco-cities, the policy for the future, Andes and Amazon, biodiversity and local communities, glaciers, water and soil, risk management, health, new development models and challenges for the future.


Global overview
Current situation of the climate change: what are we doing to face the problem

Coasts and oceans
Effects of climate change on islands and coastal cities in Latin-America and the Caribbean: Who are the responsible ones?

Situation in Latina America and the Caribbean
Are we prepared?

Carbon markets
Billion dollars to reduce CO2 emissions

Responsible businesses
Commitment with sustainable development

A new concept of urban planning

Policy for the future
Climate change and public policy

Andes and Amazon
Effects of climate change in mountains and forests

Biodiversity and local communities
Indigenous vision of problems and solutions

Glaciers, water and soil
A chain reaction

Disasters Will they be more frequent?
Risk management in Latin America and the Caribbean

New epidemics
Effects of climate change on human health

Children and a new development model
Ethics and a change of attitude

Challenges for the future
Results and future perspectives



International negotiations
Extreme climatic disasters and phenomena
Marine and land biodiversity
Effects of climate change on human health
Education and communication
Glaciers and water
Risk management and agriculture
Local municipal strategies for dealing with climate change
Vulnerability of Andean and Amazon communities
Biofuels and alternative energy sources
Mitigation of the effects of climate change



Cine festival
Photography and cartoons exhibitions
Concert to the Pachamama
Silent meditation for the World Peace
Exposition of proper technologies to face climate change:

Cities for the people
Alternative sources of energy
Ecological footprint
Future house