This is the executive body of the Andean Community which, starting on August 1, 1997, took on, among other things, the functions of the Board of the Cartagena Agreement. The General Secretariat is under the direction of a Secretary General, elected by consensus of the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers.

The General Secretariat has a capacity of proposal, in that it is empowered to draw up Draft Decisions and propose them to the Andean Council of Foreign Ministers and to the Commission, as well as to pass on initiatives and suggestions to that Council meeting in enlarged session, in order to contribute to or hasten compliance with the Cartagena Agreement.

Its functions also include managing the Subregional integration process; resolving issues submitted for its consideration; ensuring that Community commitments are fulfilled; and maintaining on-going links with the Member Countries and working relations with the executive bodies of other regional integration and cooperation organizations.

General Secretariat authorities

Secretary General
Adalid Contreras Baspineiro
Director General
Ana María Tenenbaum de Reátegui
Director General
Santiago Cembrano Cabrejas
Director General
Genaro Baldeón Herrera



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Cartagena Agreement Chapter II - Section D - The Andean Community General Secretariat